Pre-Collection and Early-Out

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Our highly effective early-out programs, managed through our Healthcare Billing and MCA Billing Services divisions, are designed to positively affect your bottom line in the following ways:

MCA is structured to provide full-service professional collections across large and small business sectors. Industries we currently benefit include:

✓ Shrink aged account volume
✓ Decrease billing costs
✓ Reduce staffing needs

Early Start – Measurable Results

Statistics reveal the earlier action is taken in the A/R billing cycle, the more likely accounts will be collected quickly and in full. Our customized account management programs provide diverse and flexible solutions prior to full collection.

Utilizing MCA for your pre-collection needs will provide:

  • Customized Letter and Statement Services
    • Pre-Collection Letters
    • Consumer friendly statements
  • Customer Care Representatives
  • Payment Monitoring Services
  • Measurable Results

MCA – Your Business Office Partner

MCA seamlessly blends with your existing A/R program to produce exceptional results. We tailor our programs to your specifications and always handle your accounts with respect and care.

Contact us today, to see how we can begin to benefit your business.

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Merchants Credit Association, is a debt collection company. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.